Be Brilliant

If you want your customer facing staff to ‘Be Brilliant’ at dealing with frustrated, aggressive or difficult customers, you must equip them with the necessary skills and confidence to master these situations effectively.

Mind you, resolving conflict is about more than discussing facts of the situation – views and feelings must be valued too. The customer’s perception is their reality and so we need to put ourselves in their shoes as well as the shoes of the organisation.

Pandemic Challenges

Add to this is the challenge of the pandemic. Customers are living with uncertainty, with anxiety, burnout and vulnerability. So, when dealing with difficult customers we have to master a higher level of quality of conversation across multiple roles within the organisation. skill of living with uncertainty is the novelty we will have to master. Winning the hearts of customers is a tough challenge

The ability to build trust quickly with customers is more important now than ever before whether our people are dealing with customers face to face or connecting virtually with them.

Great customer service is more than a “technique.” Indeed, it comes from the heart. With the right training and mindset, your people will see opportunities to make their customer’s day that they did not see before. We will help them find solutions to situations that scripts can’t anticipate. Because let’s face it – customers love being served by “real” people who care.

Our experienced practitioners will navigate your through the process of building the right skills with workforce in a novel and entertaining way that will have a lasting effect on the way your business deals with difficult customers. Read on……

Difficult Conversations

The way your front-line team deliver difficult messages to customers can lead to 2 outcomes for your business

  1. Receiving complaints
  2. Enabling more positive results.

Sound too corporate and complaints can escalate and become impossible to fix. Try to dismiss customer challenges and they will keep bouncing back. The most effective way to deliver difficult messages is to sound human, understanding, open and sincere.

Using our virtual learning interventions your front-line colleagues will be able to make better complaint responses. Whether they are on the phone, face to face or writing email responses – our training is designed to help your people learn some new ways of bringing customers on side.

Working – live – on your unique examples

We’ll work – live – on improving your own customer-facing issues too. Send an example of the types of complaints those tricky conversations lead to and we’ll work on a couple of examples within our interventions and show you how to improve them in real time.


Your front-line people will understand the huge impact that more human communication has and the role it can play in building relationships with your customers and the reduction of complaints. We’ll get you and your team dealing with challenges faster, better and with confidence.

Topics we’ll cover

We develop punchy 20-minute sessions that can be watched virtually or delivered by our trainers We’d agree the subjects bespoke to your organization with the L&D team. Here is an example

  • The pandemic – what has changed in customer service
  • Choose your attitude
  • Perceptual Positioning – the customers shoes
  • Precision Questioning
  • Empathetic Listening
  • Creative solutioning
  • Structuring difficult conversations
  • Recognising & managing behaviours
  • Dos and Don’ts of difficult conversations
  • Making you customers day easier
  • Finding a shared solution


With this in mind, we recommend a blend of learning interventions.  Online sessions, pre-recorded bite size sessions, pre session and post session work as well as access to our online learning portal

How to book

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