Building Learning Journeys for a Hybrid World

Our client was struggling to build employee learning journeys that meet demands of this Smart Working Revolution we’re travelling through. So would you like to know how SWR made it happen?

We Helped Them Embrace Digital Platforms

With remote and hybrid work becoming the norm, virtual platforms and Learning Management Systems (LMS) are key to giving us personalised, adaptive learning experiences.

We Helped Them Foster Self-Paced Learning

Remote and hybrid work environments require flexibility. Learning journeys give individuals the chance to learn at their own pace, allowing them to manage their time. We know how important this is to the smooth running of the operation.

We Incorporated Virtual Collaboration & Face to Face.

Collaboration doesn’t have to suffer in a smart setting. Interactive tools, discussion forums and virtual group projects can be integrated into learning, fostering knowledge sharing. And those face to face jaunts are no less important – just be more deliberate!

We Prioritised Skill Development

In the rapidly changing work landscape, continuous skill development is crucial. Our learning journeys emphasise the acquisition of relevant, future-proof skills that enable employees to adapt and thrive in a dynamic environment.

We Leveraged Data and Feedback

Remote and hybrid learning offers valuable opportunities for data collection and feedback. Analysing learner data and gathering feedback enabled us to refine learning so that it better met the needs and preferences of their teams.

Finally, We Created Interesting Content

The Smart Working Revolution have been designing and implementing smarter ways of learning for more than 20 years. We not only know our way around the learning technology, but also the secret to creating interesting content that will engage your people and help learning stick.

Take our Root Cause Analysis workshop, for example. Its a darned dry subject – but we bring it alive using the Titanic story. Our client loved that one!

And this is the testimonial we received recently from her.

Stats don’t lie.

‘Stats don’t lie.  We were a business aiming for substantial revenue growth, but we knew that only 1 in 8 businesses achieve more than 10 percent growth annually.

That’s when we turned to the team at SWR for their expertise in designing and implementing clear learning paths and it absolutely revolutionised our workforce development strategy.

Using engaging and effective learning journeys, we were able to equip employees with the skills and knowledge to collectively enhance performance.  The result?

A remarkable 13% growth that has surpassed our expectations. All we needed was a focused approach to development and tangible learning outcomes. Good news is they continue to drive our success.   Thanks SWR!’

We’re here to help you build your unique learning journey too.

Lets get our heads together and find out how we can help you drive growth. Contact us here.