How Smart Working empowers neurodivergent knowledge workers

We’re all wired differently and the Smart Working Revolution has opened up exciting opportunities for supporting many parts of our society including neurodivergent knowledge workers. Here are three ways this modern approach can benefit individuals with unique cognitive profiles:

Comfort and Focus

Traditional office settings can be overwhelming due to sensory factors like harsh lighting and background noise, especially for neurodivergent individuals. What seems like a minor distraction to some can be deeply disruptive for those with conditions like autism. Working remotely allows better control over sensory input, leading to improved focus, productivity and well-being.

Working to Outcomes

Neurodivergent individuals often have varying energy levels throughout the day and may need time for recovery or intense focus. Smart Working’s flexibility lets us tailor our work schedules to our peak productivity hours and build in breaks, preventing burnout and enhancing overall performance. Working to outcomes, rather than outputs such as hours spent online or in the office – quality is what matters.

More Communication Options

Conventional office cultures favour in-person communication and extroverted styles. The Smart Working Revolution promotes alternative ways to connect, such as written and asynchronous collaboration. This encourages open discussions within teams about accommodating various communication styles, creating a more inclusive and productive environment.

It’s important to remember that the ideal work environment depends on various factors and roles. Not every neurodivergent person prefers remote work and some may absolutely thrive in an office setting. Finding the right balance is key.  One thing is clear: to create a more inclusive future of work, we must prioritise neurodiversity. After all, each and everyone of us is wired differently!

With two decades of expertise, helping your organisation to work smarter, is what we do. We’re uniquely experienced, to maximise the benefits of modern ways of working and deal with the challenges faced by your people too.