Grow Your Own!

I am running Granny’s Amazing Zoom School with my Granddaughters today. The subject is the humble potato. I’ve even ordered some Grow Your Own Potatoes for them to make it real……

You’ve been growing your own Remote Workers recently, haven’t you? Hopefully it’s going well but as the weeks and months flutter by you can suffer a few issues with a team who are working from home.

I’m sure you’re finding it take more effort and skills to engage, motivate develop a distributed team isn’t it?

With this in mind, we’ve been posting some handy tip and free downloads on the Stories session of our website. Head on over there now and help yourself to a few top tips from the previous days posts.

It will help you to grow your own unique way of leading your remote team. Link in comments box Anyway, Granny G is off to build the presentation for the Zoom session full of facts and fun about Potatoes!

Also live from Cornwall is this fun webinar