Managing Hybrid Working is like Herding Cats

You know what the problem with hybrid working is?
There are as many ways of doing it as there are employees!
So, it ain’t easy for the manager. In fact, it’s a bit like herding cats.

The amount of flexibility you can enable also differs in every role, with every individual culture, with customer need and of course with work location.

But post pandemic – flexibility, mobility and entrepreneurial freedom really are non-negotiable as far as your workforce are concerned!

And the smart Leaders who value and support flexibility as part of their hybrid workplace, want to be sure that every employee can do their best by working the way they prefer.

So, how do we manage it?

Well, team agreements can go some of the way to bridging these differences, helping teams communicate and collaborate. Middle Managers can start by discussing and agreeing to certain guidelines that reflect the myriad of workstyles on the team.

But, in your heart of hearts you know there is more to it than that, don’t you?

Middle Managers are a critical bridge between these evolving employee expectations and the need to achieve your business objectives.

When properly enfranchised, they hold the key to unlock the success of hybrid work.

But when they are untrained in the art of managing hybrid workers – as so many are today – it’s a recipe for failure, for resignations, for unfilled vacancies leading to poor customer service

Do your business a favour – equip middle managers with the resources and training they need to manage the transition to the future of work.

To be culture keepers.
To rebuild collaboration
To rethink the role of the office
To renew how their people can provide the best service.

Rather than spending their days herding cats.

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