Is your Appraisal System a re-run of The Prisoner?

Ever watched “The Prisoner” – a unique piece of television?

It’s weird, wonderful & worth a watch.

It addresses individualism. Number Six is monitored heavily by No. 2, the Village Administrator, who’s an agent for the unseen “Number One”

At one point No 6 says – I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own!

Tick Box Appraisal

Some of us feel that about the appraisal system. The one where you put me in a box, thus:

1 – Pretty darned excellent

2 – Better than the norm

3 – Distinctly average

4 – Do keep up Dear

5 – Whoops

Of course, I know which box you’ll tick cos the Administrator has a Bell Curve Purse to manage. It’ll be 3 and there’ll be a lot of diatribe from the Administrator to get me to believe that being marked a 3 is OK.

Well it’s not!

Here is what Employees say:

I don’t come to the office each day to be a 3.  I want to be a number 1.  In fact, I don’t want to be a number at all.  I am smarter than that.

I have my own life aspirations & mission – the things that I want to achieve as an individual. The part I want to play in society.  The responsibilities and ties that I have.  My personal preferences, my hobbies and my reason to get up in the morning.

I want purpose & belonging and I want to make a difference to the business.  I want the business to be a success and I want to be a successful individual. I don’t fit your boxes. I have my own qualities, my own character.  I am unique.

Put me in box 3 & I become disengaged.  I plan my escape. I become The Prisoner.

But there is a much smarter way to motivate – to win hearts and minds – to enable an individuals best performance. We’ve been implementing it for the past few years at a part of our Smart Philosophy.

Talk to us ‘

We’ll help you put in place a Performance Appraisal System that works for both the Business and your Employees.

Because, we can help you to reduce all the time wasted on administration of this outdated way of managing people.

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