How to Employ a Smart Kick Starter

We’re thrilled!

We’ve been appointed a Kick Start ‘Intermediary’  by the UK Government.  But you can bet your bottom dollar that the Smart Working Kick Start Programme is a tad different to the norm……..

Here’s Why:

1. We train your young people in Smart Skills so that they understand what attributes that they require to manage themselves effectively in this new world of work.

2. Subjects like adaptability, agility, tenacity and empathy. These are the work skills they don’t necessarily pick up in education.

3. And a Toolkit of Smart Working skills so that they know how to work with others who are located in the same office as well as employees working remotely, in a hub or mobile.

How does it Work?

Your business employs 16-24 year olds for 25 hours per week and the UK Gov pay their salary for 6 months, including pension.  In return you give them technical skills to kick start their career.

How can we help?

We help you to find the right young people, with the right oomph and the right work ethic to match you business and then we show them how to build two-way trust, good working relationships and a future flexible, adaptable and smart career.

Get in touch if you’d like to employ a Smart Kick Starter.

Now we just need the UK Government to set up a Big Finish scheme for the over 50’s!