The Mechanics of Leading Hybrid Teams – Workshop

Many organisations are moving towards the flexibility of hybrid working options for employees. Yet, according to recent research by McKinsey, 68% have no plans to upskill their managers. Albeit, for the move to be successful, smart leadership training is imperative.

Leading hybrid teams maybe similar to managing regular teams in some ways, but in other ways it requires Leaders to acquire new skills.

For example, Managers must know how to build trust and confidence, hold meaningful conversations, manage performance effectively and ensure technology is used to it’s optimum.  And they need to do this when they are not necessarily in the same room as their people.

As a result, Leaders have to learn how to support, develop and train staff wherever they are working.  Employees need (and expect) to feel connected, cared for and invested in.

That’s why we have launched a new workshop.  The Mechanics of Leading  Hybrid Teams.

Three Burning Questions

  1. Do you want your Leaders to apply best practice when managing their distributed team?
  2. Would you like to ensure your people feel inspired and motivated to deliver optimum performance?
  3. Are your Leaders equipped with skills that build robust working relationships around trust and autonomy?

When Leaders attend our workshops, they will leave feeling inspired to put actions into place that support your hybrid working vision.  Plus, your investment in them will help them feel trusted and valued too and ultimately achieve optimum performance.

Why not invest in our Starter Workshop.

By the end of the 3 hour workshop your Leaders will be able to:

  • Identify and overcome the challenges of managing hybrid teams.
  • Ensure the focus of hybrid working is firmly on your customer.
  • Recognise the importance of 2-way trust in successful smart workforces and how to communicate in a meaningful and trusting manner.
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different of communication channels and choose the most effective for the situation.
  • Learn how to lead distributed team meetings and bring them to life.

Our Workshops are led by facilitators who have 20 years experience of implementing and building smart working teams across the UK and globally. We take cohorts of 8 to 10 in our interactive and informative sessions.

Our programmes are award winning and you can rest assured your Leaders will be in the safe hands of people who really know their stuff.

I’m in!

We have dates available this Autumn. Why not ensure that your Leaders are equipped with the Mechanics of Leading a Hybrid Team?  That way they will be ready for an Autumn push in your Business Growth.

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