Life comes in all shapes and sizes

A Smart Workforce isn’t just about offering remote working or flexible working to your people!
Take a moment to consider these 3 reasons smart working is a no brainer for your business…….

1. Life comes in all shapes and sizes! So do organisations.
Smart Working offers a different kind of employee experience designed to balance work & family life, but it also offers clear business benefits.  Our case studies reveal productivity increases of circa 13% and talent pools widen by up to 100% to include those who live in remote locations, people with disabilities, cares & parent returners.

2. Overheads reduce by up to 5K pa per worker.
Attrition reduces by up to 50% because of a better quality of life & mental health for your people. They are more loyal, engaged and therefore stay longer.  This reduces cost of recruitment and enables better business performance.

3. You can build a unique workforce model that matches clients needs.
Choose from flexible location – remote, field, hub and office. Flexible hours, days and shift patterns or a combination of these. Or what about annualised hours, that give workers chunks of time off for holidays, hobbies or families during your quiet times.

Organisations of all shapes and sizes, who Think Smart, have more available & satisfied workers to keep customers content and this enables growth.

Interested in improving productivity by 13%.? Of course you are!

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Life comes in all shapes and sizes and so should jobs!