Presenteeism is Ugly, Isn’t it?

Presenteeism is ugly, isn’t it?

It telegraphs the Leaders lack of trust in their team and it is the type of mindset that is ruining our Planet!

Thankfully a whole host of Thoughtful Leaders are turning that traditional thinking on it’s head. But are you?


Thoughtful Leaders clean up on recruitment and compete in the jobs market on lifestyle compensation.

When you are a Smart Leader, you don’t see the sense in hiking up salaries to encourage people to sit in an office, staring blindly at a screen, while trying to cut out noisy distractions.

As a result, you build a workforce model that has a little more science behind it.

Thoughtful Leaders trust their teams.  They measure talented People on their contribution, not the hours they work!

Corporate Social Responsibility

Smart Leaders clean up their Carbon Footprint too and achieve Corporate Social Responsibility Targets by introducing more efficient ways of working

They are avoiding experienced employees taking their talents elsewhere in search of a better lifestyle & less commuting, by offering a range of flexible contracts that match customer demand but also help save our planet

Ditch Presenteeism

You’ll attract and retain people with both a passion for your Customers and a healthier Planet

We’ll work with you to establish a workforce model where employees feel trusted, valued and more productive.

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Let’s make your Employees smile – your Customers can hear a smile!

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