Smart Working Pioneers

Smart Working Pioneers are turning their markets upside down by offering flexible working options. Consequently, the gap between these bold forerunners and those that don’t offer smart options, is widening.

Some business benefits are obvious – reduced overhead, cost savings from less office space, a wider talent pool. In addition, the Pioneers are not restricted to workers living on their doorstep.  They employ people in other time zones, if customer demand requires 24/7 coverage.

There are many other reasons to begin looking at this gem of a concept. Recently, Grant Thornton described how Robotics will perform repetitive processes in future, rather than back and front office employees.

This will drive down costs, improve efficiency and compliance and humans to focus on the high value tasks.  Cue Knowledge Workers!

Work happens in Brains – not offices!

Knowledge workers innovate new products, research and ideas that keep your economic engine ticking over.  However, don’t expect them to be tethered to a desk 9 to 5 Monday to Friday!

Small wonder that the strategist that you employed last year did a runner.  Was it you that asked him to spend 5 days a week, in an office, where a pin could be heard to drop?

A Knowledge Worker’s whole DNA is built around curiosity; The constant desire to learn more and an inquisitive nature does not always sit well with an 8 hour stint in an office.

These people will become premium talent in future and will influence the agenda for Smart Working. If you are not offering flexibility, then you’re going to attract second rate candidates who will put up with the drudgery of commuting. You’ll be left with the leftovers!

Managing Performance

I am often asked how Pioneers are managing the performance of workers. They certainly do it differently to the norm.  We can furnish you with all of the policies, coaching and smart worker infrastructure tips that will help deliver a sound infrastructure.

However, whichever role we are discussing in the end……

The Answer is Trust

You already know the strengths, weaknesses and personal circumstances of current employees and you may be happy to offer them flexible options.

Alternatively, you may need to attract the right sort of new recruits. Thankfully, there is a veritable plethora of talent out there ready to help your business grow.

Parents, people with disabilities, retirees or those in remote areas are happier working from home or a local hub. 80% of the UK population want greater flexibility and less travel time.

So, how do we tap into the growing army of talent who want Smart Working? How do we ensure that they are the right fit?

The Perfect Match

Smart Leaders know just how to match the right worker to the role – wherever it is based.  Our Smart Leadership programme delivers a module on how to attract and retain the best people.

Mind the Gap

Your business faces threats and risks if you fail to move ahead with Smart Working. Why not avoid the widening gap between your business and the Smart Working Pioneers?

Ruth is the CEO of the Smart Working Revolution.  To learn more can contact her here