Spice It Up!

What do employees want?  I’ll tell you what employees want – what they really, really want…..

Our research identifies these factors as the most important for employees to day:

  • Psychological safety plus a bit of clarity and stability too
  • 2 way trust
  • A company vision that they feel comfortable sharing
  • A job with purpose
  • Personal growth
  • That sense of of ‘belonging’
  • And to be valued for what they add and to be the unique individual they are

Beware – the competition may give them what they want

That’s quite a long list – but if you want to attract, engage and retain the best talent – it is a list that you must address. Without these elements in place your people may to begin to disconnect and re-evaluate their role with you. Especially if a forward thinking competitor will give them what they want.

To add to the challenge, most people want all of the above combined with hybrid working arrangements. This is no mean feat, is it?

That’s why our clients like our Feasibility Programme. It is so helpful to be able to build a bespoke workforce model which is they can be confident will be fit for the future.

Your people want tailored guidelines, policies and a bespoke communication plan that give them some clarity and reassurance in an uncertain world. It’s getting that ‘right’ level of safety that makes them feel supported and that means they can get on with their job.

A Smart Leadership Programme ensures leaders have the right skills to manage people through uncertainty toward the future of work. But while they need to manage in a consistent manner, they must also understand the differences in each person on their team. We call it the people experience and it is just as important as your customer experience. So ask yourself, ‘what do employees want?’

The buck stops with you.

Have you equipped managers with what it needs to be a leader in a hybrid workforce?

If not, it might be the time to spice things up a bit?

Get in touch for a chat about the support we can offer you.