SWR’s Quest for Remote Excellence

A rising tech firm had adopted a remote-first work approach. However, leadership sensed that while some remote workers thrived, others struggled.

They asked for our help and we were delighted to suggest that a pattern must exist among their top performers that could be distilled and taught to the rest of their workforce.

Project Reflection

SWR initiated “Project Reflection” and assembled a small team of data, HR experts and team leads. Their mission: to sift through layers of performance data, feedback, and work patterns of their top remote employees. This extensive research aimed to identify what set these individuals apart.

We analysed work logs, held focus group sessions and surveyed top-performers to understand their work habits, mindsets and support systems. As patterns began to emerge, we also delved into understanding the core values that drove these individuals.

Clear Findings

The findings were astonishingly clear. Our Clients best remote workers exhibited five key values and behaviours that enabled them to be trusted to do a great job for clients:

  1. Self-discipline & Time Management: These individuals had honed the art of structuring their days, setting boundaries, and avoiding distractions. Good remote workers don’t procrastinate
  2. Effective Communication: They were proactive in reaching out, updating their peers, and ensuring that they were on the same page, even without physical interactions.
  3. Growth Mindset: The top performers continually sought to learn, adapt, and improve, particularly crucial in a remote setting where self-direction was vital.
  4. Digital Proficiency: Familiarity with the latest digital tools and the ability to troubleshoot minor tech issues made their workflow smooth.
  5. Empathy & Collaboration: Despite the physical distance, these individuals displayed a heightened sense of empathy, ensuring that their team felt connected and valued.

The most enlightening revelation, however, was that the top performers’ personal values deeply resonated with these behaviours. For instance, those valuing continuous growth naturally had a growth mindset, and those who cherished connections showcased greater empathy.

The Result

Armed with this knowledge, our client revamped hiring strategies, training modules and even team-building activities so they could nurture and reinforce these five values and behaviors.

Soon, the ripple effects were felt throughout the organisation. It created a harmonious, productive remote working environment, all thanks to the insights from their very own top performers.

But every business is different. Contact us for help in finding your organisations unique set of values and behaviours that will drive excellence across your smart workforce!