Talent is the New Cash Flow

Let’s face it, Talent is the new Cash Flow. If you haven’t got the right people with the right skills to do the work – you can’t make the revenues you planned.

Pundits reckon that 40% of workers will quit their role over the next few months as the pandemic has made them re-evaluate their careers. So, now is the time for Leaders to ‘do more’ – so that they attract the best people on the market.

Getting Ready to Attract the Best Candidates

Consider this.  The way that your organisation engages with candidates during the recruitment process impacts your ability to attract and retain the best talent.  Therefore, it pays to focus time and effort on how your current candidate experience is impacting your attraction capability.

A recruiter’s role is to build and maintain relationships with both active job seekers as well as candidates who are ‘not actively looking’. This is especially true when talent is scarce as it is now.  It’s crucial to develop a diverse pipeline of talent which makes recruitment smoother. Also, when we develop a good candidate experience,  we naturally create brand advocates.  That helps spread the word about your roles.

Review Candidate Journeys

Smart Leaders,  who are committed to creating a positive candidate experience, will carry out routine audits of the candidate journey.  This is because an easy candidate journey, along with transparent diversity & inclusion tied into attractive employer branding is what job seekers tell us is important when choosing their next Employer.

A robust candidate experience is provided by effective processes and technology – but it’s an experience which allows an element of individuality, so that the candidate can show you how they will add value to your organisation. Their difference.

To audit candidate attraction you must understand where the engagement touchpoints are in your process. How your candidates travels through the recruitment process will help identify how to deliver the best candidate journey. But remember, that journey may differ slightly for different roles. Focus on how best to engage and communicate so that you build a positive relationship from the off – whatever the role!

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Communication is what makes the difference.  A consistent candidate experience starts pre-application and continues through to onboarding. A good one is the best start you can give to the employer/employee relationship.  It will help to build the foundations of trust and therefore, retention.  Even candidates who are  unsuccessful are likely to stay in touch with your business if you provide constructive feedback.

Make Candidates Feel Special

Once you’ve successfully recruited a candidate and they have accepted, make sure to stay in touch and cultivate the relationship you have started to build.

At every possible point, confirm the next steps, especially if the candidate is serving a long notice period.  It is important because you will want to avoid the risk of a counteroffer.


Next, ensure that your candidates enjoy a seamless onboarding journey.  For example, consider an Employer branded portal where they can complete their relevant compliance checks, Right to Work in the UK and references.  This will improve the speed at which you can onboard new starters. Because remember, talent is the new cash flow.

One tip that we have found works well, is as part of the onboarding process to ask the new starter what their values are and their aspirations for the future too.  Include their Manager in this conversation so that they understand what makes their new starter tick.


Confirm that your new starters have settled in well and ask them to alert you to any potential issues. Remember, happy starters refer other good candidates to you.

Ask them for honest feedback about the candidate experience through a simple survey.  Use that knowledge to go back around the loop to make sure your recruitment process remains pertinent and effective!

Talent is the new Cash Flow

We will help you to map your recruitment touchpoints, revisit you Employer Brand and attract and retain the best people – so that your business thrives in the new world of work.

Are you struggling to recruit?  Perhaps your recruitment process needs an overhaul?  Contact us at ideas@smartworkingrevolution.com today!