Team Away Day 2024 – A Collective Growth Mindset

Would you like to nurture Collective Growth Mindset amongst your team?

In today’s hybrid and remote working environment, fostering a collective growth mindset within teams has become essential for driving innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement.  So it’s not surprising that we’re often asked to organise and facilitate team away days centered around collective growth mindset.  After all, cultivating a mindset within your team where everyone is on the same page is essential for business success!

Here’s how we do it:

Set Clear Objectives

Working closely with you, we define clear objectives for the away day that align with fostering a collective growth mindset. Whether it’s reiterating your shared vision of success, enhancing teamwork, encouraging innovation, or promoting a culture of learning and development, we ensure that everyone understands the goals of the event. For example, we recently facilitated an away day with an HR team at Blists Hill, Ironbridge – their objective was to create a shared vision of a purposeful wellbeing strategy

Choose the Right Venue

Select the right venue that fosters creativity, collaboration, and relaxation is essential. Whether it’s a tranquil retreat in nature, a dynamic co-working space, or a vibrant urban setting, the venue we choose inspires creativity, inspires our senses and provides a conducive environment for open dialogue and reflection. Last year, for example, we chose The Lost Garden of Heligan with our client Harland Accountants.  It was perfect….and fun!

Design Engaging Activities

We plan a variety of activities and exercises that encourage teamwork, creativity and problem-solving. Our curated selection includes team-building challenges, brainstorming sessions, interactive workshops and facilitated discussions focused on growth mindset principles. We begin with an energiser – ask us about our animal treasure hunt!! It never fails to delight.

Foster Open Communication

Creating opportunities for open and honest communication among team members is our speciality. We encourage everyone to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives freely, without fear of judgment. Psychological safety is key for these events. We emphasise active listening and constructive feedback as essential components of a growth-oriented culture.

Celebrate Progress and Learning

It’s key to acknowledge and celebrate progress, achievements and learning throughout the day. We recognise individual and team efforts, highlight successes as they occur.  We also share resonating stories of how others have overcome challenges and embraced the power of a growth mindset.

Our team away day was focused on fostering a collective growth mindset. It has led to increased collaboration, creativity and self confidence among team members.  This has driven greater innovation and productivity for my firm.

Learning that brings Joy!

Our lead facilitator, Olly Thompson is a revered author, speaker and NLP practitioner. Our facilitation always offers opportunities for skill-building and personal development. Whether it’s through case studies, speaker  sessions, or interactive activities, we provide resources and tools that empower team members to expand their knowledge and capabilities. We find that the more we make learning fun, the more the learning sticks.

Reflect and Set Goals

We allocate time for reflection and goal-setting encourage team members to reflect on their experiences, identify areas for growth and set actionable goals to continue their development journey beyond the away day. At the end the day we discuss takeaways and how we will embed them in our working and personal lives.

Follow-Up and Sustain Momentum

Finally, we help you maintain momentum and support ongoing growth mindset efforts beyond the away day. We implement regular check-ins, follow-up activities and opportunities for continued learning and development to sustain the collective growth mindset within your team.

By running a team away day focused on fostering a collective growth mindset, you’ll inspire creativity, collaboration and resilience within your team. Why not embrace the opportunity to learn, grow and have fun together while forging a collective growth at the same time.

Email or contact us to find out how your team can develop a collective growth mindset starting with our away day boost!