The Hierarchy of Smart Working

The world has undergone a seismic shift because of the pandemic. From how people think, learn and work to the evolving demands of the people they serve, it’s a whole new ball game.  Where does your business sit on the Hierarchy of Smart Working? Are you in a place where you can attract and retain the best people?

From roles that are “Physically Present” due to their inherent nature, to the adaptable and forward-thinking “Ever Evolving” smart working paradigm, this hierarchy encapsulates the breadth of modern working methodologies.

Where is your business in the hierarchy?  Are your Leaders skills aligned to that level?  What are your aspirations for the future?  Lets look at the stages:

Physically present

Roles that fundamentally require in-person presence. Occupations like nurses, dentists, train drivers and firefighters need direct, tangible interactions for their services. However, there are many smart options that can be applied to this category.

Lead by Presenteeism

A work culture where physical presence at the office is prioritised, often equating visibility with productivity and commitment.

Hybrid Working

A mix of office-based and remote work. Employees might be required to be in the office for a specified number of days and have the flexibility to work from home on other days.  Other organisations allow specific roles to work in a hybrid manner, while other roles must be present. This is the category where most of those post pandemic Traditional Leaders reside now, but hybrid working brings a jigsaw puzzle of challenges, decisions and improvements to a head for Leaders.

Remote Friendly

Companies accommodate remote working but maintain a hub for office space, collaboration and supervision. Remote work is an option, but the company’s systems and processes are still primarily designed for on-site work.  However technology has been tweaked or added to – to ensure better communication, feedback and collaboration

Remote First

Organisations operate primarily on the principle that work doesn’t need to be done in a specific place to be executed effectively, however they also recognise the power of meeting face to face can build a culture of belonging. Tech is modern and effective no matter where you work and customer excellence is paramount. Leaders are ready to adopt technology that attracts and enables talent from across the UK or the globe.

Smart Working

Ever evolving.  Beyond geographical and spatial considerations, this approach is about maximising efficiency, wellbeing, belonging and integrating innovative technologies and strategies for optimal results. Leaders harness technology and workforce infrastructure that caters to ever evolving business peaks and troughs. This agility ensures teams are scalable on demand but it also means you will attract the best people.

Smart Working brings good returns and cost saving for Business, the workforce, customers, for the UK economy and society as a whole as we become much more inclusive.

Where are you on the Hierarchy of Smart Working?

Smart Working is not just about working remotely or hybrid, it is a Smart Business Wisdom that goes beyond hybrid or remote work; it’s a holistic approach to operating smarter, driven by smart leadership, modern day business skills, workforce transformation and cutting-edge technology—regardless of where you carry out your work.

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