The Hybrid Working Academy

Right now, the world is a tad uncertain and Leaders need to position their organisations to understand, adapt and respond proactively to shifts in work assumptions and practices.

Would you like to:

1. Develop a future talent strategy and a smart workforce plan for your unique business?
2. Understand how you can support digital transformation and smarter ways of working?
3. Develop virtual recruitment and on-boarding processes that are truly effective?
4. Ensure your Leaders know how to lead effective distributed teams?
5. Encourage health and wellbeing at work?
6. Appreciate the differences that hybrid working means to performance management and people development ?
7. Build an organisational growth mindset that is fit for the future of work ?

This is why smart Leaders are joining the Hybrid Working Academy

Academy of Hybrid Working

Our Academy of Hybrid Working offers a year long support structure for forward thinking leaders. It will support your transition to a unique hybrid workforce as this uncertain landscape emerges over the next 12 months.

You will join a group of likeminded leaders who also want to build the right workforce model and infrastructure for their business:

  • Twelve in depth, virtual sessions, led by facilitators who have successfully implemented smart workforce models time and time again.
  • Pre and post session support through 121’s with our smart working practitioners.
  • Access to our online toolkit full of tools, techniques and recordings to help you fit your unique jigsaw puzzle together.

Unleash your workforce development. Join the cost effective, high value, Hybrid Workforce Academy………together we can build workforces which are fit for a successful future.

We exist to help Leaders overcome the challenges bought by this new world of work in which we find ourselves.

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