The Knotty Challenges of Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working uncovers a number of knotty challenges for middle managers.

1. Many Managers haven’t been trained to manage the complex organisation of work patterns that hybrid brings to your door.

How do managers maintain a sense of fairness? Some people have to be on site and others can more easily do their job remotely.  Have they got the know how to juggle this?

2. It’s easier for managers to build trust with those they spend the most time with. We see and understand one another’s nuances, strengths, weakness and values more easily face to face

But they can’t operate in out of sight, out of mind manner. How can they ensure they are building Two Way Trust across their whole team?

3. And then there is the question of culture. How can your managers maintain the wonderful culture of your business? Hybrid working needs to work with, not against, organisational culture. Have you had that conversation with your managers yet?

And this is just 3 of the knotty little problems your Managers are juggling right now. As Executive Leaders of the organisation – we need to make sure these pivotal managers have the right tools.

Investing in Smart Leadership development is key.  Talk to us about our award winning programme. It doesn’t cost the earth and will give you peace of mind that your managers are properly equipped.