The Secret of Smart Working

Are you ready to tell your workforce they must return to the office or do you want to uncover the secret of smart working?


Claims by executives that in-office work is more productive can be misguided and return-to-office mandates are a really touchy subject among employees. 99% of companies who had one saw a drop in employee satisfaction.

A recent article in Fortune reported that ‘for as much as some bosses hate it when people refuse to come in, workers hate being forced to have to return to their offices, according to a new study from the University of Pittsburgh.

Companies that issued return-to-office mandates to their employees experienced no improvement in financial performance, 99% of them saw a drop in employees’ overall job satisfaction, according to the research, which examined 137 S&P 500 firms between June 2019 and January 2023′. 

A Better Option

Thankfully, there is another way of improving productivity. Why not let us help your business unlock the secrets of smart working?  Our case studies show an average improvement in productivity of 13%.

Because Smart Working is not just about working remotely or hybrid. It is a Smart Business Wisdom that goes beyond hybrid or remote work; it’s an holistic approach to operating smarter, driven by smart leadership, modern day business skills, workforce transformation and cutting-edge technology—regardless of where you carry out your work.

Some people have to be present to do their job – that doesn’t mean they can’t work smarter. There are 50 different smarter ways of working in our smart workforce model that will drive flexibility and staff satisfaction.  I bet you want to know what they are!

A Business Wisdom

The thing is, this Business Wisdom only works for Leaders who have the right mindset. A mindset that wants to improve it’s employee experience and also customer experience.

If you’re a leader with an open mindset – we can help you uncover the secret of smart working. Contact us at

If you are a leader who wants to mandate the return to the office and brass off your best talent – you’re on your own pal!