The SmartAbility Portal: Unleash the Power of Smart Working

In the evolving landscape of the Smart Working Revolution, where flexibility, efficiency and balance reign supreme, the SmartAbility Portal is a beacon of empowerment and guidance for leaders seeking to unlock the full potential of smart working.

Our new digital portal is a comprehensive repository of our Intellectual Property. It houses a vast array of tools, tips and techniques that equips you with the knowledge and strategy you need to transform you workplaces and culture. Let’s explore some of the Features of the SmartAbility Portal.

Rich Toolkit Library

From how to build bespoke guidelines to remote collaboration tools, a journey through our new portal is key to unlocking a specific aspect of smart working, catering for a range of preferences and needs. As a result your organisation can become fit for the future of work.

It even boasts an extensive toolkit library, encompassing an impressive collection of over 60 distinct smart working options that you can peruse and choose from.  Everything from the 4 day week to self scheduling, the 9 day fortnight or annualised hours!

Resourceful Guides

Another key point is that users can explore a treasure trove of guides that delve deep into the smart working landscape. Our guides not only clarify the fundamentals of smart working but also offer practical, actionable advice for implementing plans effectively.

Interactive Workshops

Engage in immersive, virtual workouts designed to enhance smart working skills. Led by experts, these workshops offer a hands-on learning experience, ensuring you can apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

Expert Insights into how to build a Smart Culture

Gain insights from thought leaders and experts in the field. Learn from their experiences, understand the latest trends, and discover innovative approaches to smart working that can be integrated into your daily routine.

Customisation Tools

Tailor your smart working transformation with customisable tools that allow you to select the strategies and techniques that are right for your unique business goals and preferences. From HR policies to Health and Safety checklists, from work space frameworks to technology tips – our portal houses our 20 years experience of implementing smart working.

Collaborative Spaces

Connect with a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for smart working. Engage in discussions, share your experiences and seek advice of our supportive and vibrant smart working community.

Progress Tracking

Monitor your smart working journey with progress tracking features. Set goals, track your achievements, and adapt your approach as you continually refine your smart working practices.

Smart Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing

The portal offers resources dedicated to cultivating work-life balance, an essential aspect of smart working. Learn how to help your teams optimise personal and professional life, ensuring a harmonious existence.

The SmartAbility Portal serves as a lighthouse, guiding individuals and organisations through the ever-evolving waters of smart working. It is a responsive platform, which we  update to reflect the latest innovations and insights in smart working practices.

With the SmartAbility Portal, you’re not just an observer of the Smart Working Revolution; you’re part of a community, fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and resources to thrive in a world where smart working is the new norm.

Pricing Structure

Add-on to Current Clients: For current clients who are contracted with the Smart Working Revolution, the SmartAbility Portal seamlessly integrates as an add-on. It’s a natural extension of the services you already know and trust.

Starting at £999: Our commitment to making smart working accessible to other organisation begins with our competitive pricing. Starting at just £999 (dependent on size of business), you can unlock the gateway to a world of tools, tips, techniques and support that will enhance your smart working journey.

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