Online marketplace OnBuy, carried out the research to determine our preferred perks. They believe that listening to what people actually want from their jobs is pivotal to creating a happy workforce and that consumers, quite rightly, care about how companies treat their employees.

Their findings show that Employed adults in the UK consider smarter ways of working and a great team of colleagues just as important as a high salary, when looking for a new job. But what else are candidates they looking for?  Here are the the perks we prefer:


  1. Flexible working hours
  2. A high salary
  3. A great team of colleagues
  4. Understanding and friendly bosses
  5. Good sick pay
  6. Having everything you need to get the job done
  7. An annual bonus
  8. It being somewhere you feel proud to work
  9. Working somewhere you are confident you can ring in an emergency and get time off
  10. The ability to work from anywhere you want
  11. Amount of time off to exceed the legal minimum
  12. Visible opportunities for promotion and to rise through the ranks
  13. A four-day working week
  14. A staff discount
  15. Private healthcare
  16. A good HR department
  17. An extensive training scheme
  18. Staff equity
  19. A workplace that is very diverse
  20. A workplace that is very green and eco-friendly
  21. Shutting down early on Friday afternoons
  22. Unlimited annual leave
  23. Six months or more of paid maternity/paternity leave
  24. Your birthday off from work
  25. A coffee machine in the office
  26. Your own office
  27. The opportunity to travel
  28. A company car
  29. Colleagues who love to socialise
  30. Gym membership

We’d add in a caring and thoughtful culture and one where psychological safety enables innovation, collaboration and growth of both the organisation and the individual. Might not be seen as an actual perk – but if you are one that likes to improve and evolve – it’s a real necessity in a new role.

Talent is the new Cash Flow

We know that prospective employees have moved away from making career decisions based on salary alone. Factors such as flexibility, DE&I and sustainability now all weigh heavily towards an ultimate decision.

With the rise in Dog ownership during the pandemic, even bring your pet to work days are increasing as a benefit!

This means that businesses must be prepared to offer more if they are to attract and retain talent. They must re-evaluate everything from L&D opportunities, career progression, performance reviews and the structure of a 9-5 work day; all through a lens that puts people before geography.

Flexible working has become a big part of our daily lives since the start of the pandemic, and it looks like that’s here to stay – even if it morphs into a Hybrid model. How can you ensure that you meet the needs of candidates in this new world of work?

And what about your current employees?  So many of us have spent this last 2 years re-evaluating our lives. What perks will retain your best people in these interesting time?

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