What Improves Productivity on Remote Friendly Teams?

Understanding and measuring the productivity of remote-friendly teams is something I am often asked about and the benchmark of success that we see time and time again is an impressive 13%.

But it doesn’t come easily!  It takes a fundamental shift toward working smarter when leading remote teams to get that 13% improvement. We always begin with these 3 crucial elements:

Thoughtful Managers

The influence of thoughtful managers on productivity can’t be overstated. In the absence of being face to face, managers who demonstrate empathy, actively engage with team members on a personal level and prioritize well-being create a positive work culture that significantly improves team satisfaction and performance.

Recognising individual challenges, celebrating successes and offering support when needed fosters a sense of belonging and motivation. When we are working remotely, personal and professional boundaries can blur – that’s when the impact of a caring manager extends beyond tasks, creating an environment where team members feel valued, understood and of course, more productive. This is something we deliver through our smart leadership programme.

Ditch the Commute

My next tip for achieving good productivity is allowing employees to create a work environment tailored to their preferences. Wherever you can, let team members leverage their personal peak productivity hours. It gives them a sense of autonomy that directly boosts efficiency. Ditching the commute and reducing workplace distractions also helps. Remote-friendly workers are able to allocate this time more effectively.

Linchpin Technology

Technology is a linchpin in getting productivity to the 13% benchmark. A support package of communication tools, collaborative platforms and project management software are required to seamlessly connect remote team members, enabling efficient coordination and real-time collaboration.

Your Values

In fostering a remote-friendly environment, it is essential to integrate company values through consistent virtual communication, purpose-driven virtual team activities, and recognising and rewarding remote achievements aligned with the core values, ensuring a cohesive and values-driven organisational culture transcends physical boundaries.

If this has got you excited, one last thing – it’s vital to recognise that productivity metrics extend beyond mere outputs. You want good outcomes too. Critical success factors include vision and purpose in their role, employee well-being, engagement and personal development. These are also integral aspects of good business outcomes.

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