The Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 Fix!

Where does this 9-5, Monday to Friday ‘Fix’ hail from?

Some Leaders cling to it like grim death.

Well, you can blame the Brits.

After all – we started it!

Prior to the British Industrial Revolution people worked from home, in the fields or remotely – all around the world. The British Industrial Revolution heralded mass production and people simply walked to the factory to work the Assembly Line.

Technological, socioeconomic, and cultural change abounded and we got it into our heads that we had to be there, 9-5, five days a week.

Wait a minute ……that was 200 years ago! Surely things have moved on.

Automation achieved major significance in the second half of the 20th century, yet most organisations continue to demand workers are present in an office. Droves upon droves of workers cram into public transport, roads and motorways at the same times, causing congestion and damaging our environment beyond repair.

In 2018, mobile technology is everywhere. Wifi, smartphones, laptops, tablets. The Cloud. Instant messaging, voice, audio and Microsoft Teams. And, of course, video services from businesses such as Powwownow, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

People can work just as easily from the ‘Coffice’, the cabin in the garden, co-working spaces, on the train or in a cab using a mobile hotspot as they can in the office.

And today, the best candidates expect to have some smart working options, so it stands to reason that if you don’t offer those options, then you can expect to miss out on the best candidates.

Is it time for a Smart Working Revolution?

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