Who kicks the Remote Worker out of bed in a morning?

I am Remote Worker.

When I am working remotely, nobody kicks me out of bed in the morning.

No one motivates me to work, or sets my deadlines.

My day is organised by me.

If I say I will deliver, I deliver.

It is me that motivates myself to do boring tasks.

I enjoy motivating others in the team or getting my passion for our products across on Skype, Zoom or Teams. It’s fun.

I love to spend time with my team but equally, I love the peace and quiet and lack of distractions that mean I can the job done.

I am flexible in the hours that I do so I can meet customer demands.

No one says, that’s long enough at the desk – you need a break.

I deal with my own well-being and take time off every day to walk to the sea or do my aerobics.

Nobody has to tell me what to do.

Because I am an Adult.  I have raised a family, paid off a mortgage, driven fast cars, built my own businesses.

Yes, I have the ability to work independently, be a remote worker,  be disciplined – but I am not unique. There are millions of us out there who can be trusted to work smart.

Smart Workers will work smart anywhere.

Shirkers will shirk anywhere.

All that you need to do is recruit the right type.

Our Smart Recruitment Package will help you