Why is UK Productivity so poor?

UK Productivity lags behind others in Europe

They say German full-time employees work 1.8 hours less a week yet productivity is 14.6% more than in the UK. In Denmark, they work 4 hours less than the UK & productivity is 23.5% higher! Why are we so much worse?

We believe it is a combination of 2 factors:

1. Business Dinosaurs

The UK’s of the lack of Flexible Working or Smart Working opportunities as we prefer to term it. Companies that have adopted smarter ways of working attract and retain the most productive people on the most productive contracts. When effectively deployed, smart work enables our clients c 13% increases in productivity. It’s Common sense that the longer hours you work the less productive you tend to be.

Watch Business Dinosaurs – The Movie

2. The Lack of Smart Leadership skills in the UK.

Leaders with an open mindset,that are able to manage their people by outcomes rather than the hours they spend chained to the office desk. They have developed the capability to manage performance, motivate and develop, whether or not their team is in the same room or on the same shift.

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