Attracting and Retaining the Best Talent in 2024

The pandemic embedded the long-term importance of offering flexibility in the workplace and the demand for remote and hybrid roles from the UK workforce continues to build.  However, the amount of remote roles on offer is falling as leaders try to entice workers into the office or hub.

But the stark reality for Employers is that jobs that offer remote work, or more flexible working arrangements, are much easier to fill than those with more stringent in-office requirements in 2024. Thus, some organisations are going to miss out on the best people, unless they wise up in 2024.

Meanwhile, the Smart Leaders are already on the front foot, exploring what flexible options will suit their organisation, not only in 2024, but also beyond.  They are asking themselves and their people – How can we attract and retain the best talent?

And that’s a very sensible question as after all, talent in the new cash flow!

No one size fits all

But there is no one size fits all approach and that is what makes building your organisation’s unique workforce model so challenging.  It’s not feasible to copy what your competition or sector might be doing.  Each business has it’s own culture, geography, client base, employee needs and products to consider. In 2024, we expect wellness, tech customisation and working hours flexibility to become hot topics too.

Our philosophy is to help you build a work culture that attracts employees to your door because you allow them to develop, thrive and be the individual they are.  We help you to identify approaches that align with the evolving needs of the talent in your specific labour market and strike a balance between team collaboration and flexible options.

We know that business leaders want to save money wherever possible and it can be a huge drawback to have a strict lease in place.  Working with you and your employees, we will help you to decide how much time people need to spend in the office together, in shared workspaces, or at home.

We’re here to help.

We’re not consultants!  We are practitioners with 2 decades of experience of implementing smart and flexible workforce models.  We role up our sleeves, help you design a workforce template that overcomes the pitfalls, train smart leaders in the skills necessary to manage distributed teams and develop the remote and hybrid skills of your wider workforce.

The thing is, you can’t navigate success using an old map in this new world of work.  Let’s build a new one.  Contact us today