How Many Employees Truly Remember Your Business Strategy?

According to research by the University of Technology in Sydney, only 29%% of employees can correctly remember their company’s strategy!  Scary isn’t it – especially after you put so much time and effort into arriving at it.  Here’s the reason……

Memory Failure!

Our brains are not like tape-recorders, capturing the exact words and memories.  Instead, our brains edit memories relentlessly, updating past experiences with new information from the now.

But what if these memory failures are helpful. Perhaps memory is not intended to allow you to remember what you did last week, last year or when you were a teenager. What if the point of memory is to help you make good choices right now!

And scientists do reckon the brain updates memories to make them more relevant and useful to us now — even if they’re not quite an accurate record of the truth. It is as though the brain is taking current events in our lives and overlaying them on our past. Hence, in some contexts – this is a very intelligent tool that we humans possess. We learn how to do things differently in the now.

But, if the impact of our brains’ tendency to edit memories stops employees remembering the strategy and vision of a company, then it’s not so helpful is it? So, the question is what can we do to mitigate the problem?

Simple isn’t it. Face it.  Acknowledge the fact that every brain will distort the memory of your so perfectly honed strategy and vision and then actively implement strategies to address the memory failures.

How can we help?

All is well – tap into our understanding and experience about how people tick.  We offer two things that will immediately help:

1.  We’ve got some positively sticky strategies up our sleeve about how to create a shared vision and strategy that will capture the hearts and minds of your people.  We’ll help you achieve that Man on the Moon moment.

2.  We’re constantly devising new ways to help your people to translate, recall and embed the vision and strategy.  Conscious acts that foster a collective memory.  Sticky hacks that glue together your shared vision and allow your people to trust in the strategies that will help you business to collectively thrive.

Because, if your people know why the vision was devised in the first place, how to move collectively forward in the same direction and know just what steps they must take to achieve the vision…… well you’re more likely to achieve it, aren’t you?

Want to tap into our business wisdom?

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