Marathon Leadership

Marathon Leadership – Leading for the Long Terms.  It’s a Leadership perspective that every leader should have in their toolbox and it is especially crucial right now. Why?

The convergence of the Pandemic, Brexit and the focus on Inclusion and Diversity is leading to unpredictability and challenge for Leaders.  And this volatility may continue for months and years ahead

How many organisations will come through these challenges thinking or operating in the same way the same as before. Very few!

Adaptable Mindsets

We have already seen a dramatic evolution of smarter ways of working and we’re now facing unprecedented disruption in the supply chain and people shortages too.  Let alone, the cultural shift that is required in our organisations to ensure that we can attract, include and retain the diversity of talent that we need to match our customer profile and demands!

  • How, for example, will leaders ensure that some of the 7 million people living with disability are included and feel comfortable in your workforce?
  • What skills are needed to manage the uncertainty of the likelihood of further strains of Covid emerging to threaten workforce numbers?
  • Will supply chain affect revenues and customer service in the run up to Christmas and how can we avoid empty shelves?

And those are the disruptions we know of – but how do we develop leaders who can quickly adapt as new, less obvious challenges emerge?

The answer is of course, that our Leaders need a new set of skills – asap.  That skillset must include adaptability, agility of thought, resilience and most of all, empathy.  They need to care. Care bout the future of their business, their people and their customer.

Perspective Change

In our Smart Leadership Programme, we address these very issues and there is a learning workout that is proving to be really useful.

We call it perspective change.  A simple technique that we use is to ask our participants to contemplate a decision by imagining it is either 6 months or a year from now.  Thinking back, we ask what decision would you wish that you had made?  How would your decision change?

Simple as it seems – it works. When we layer into the mix:

  • ‘What if’  questioning
  • Listening to perspectives of our employees and customers
  • Test, Operate, Test, Exit Model
  • The 3 R’s – Review, Rethink, Reset

it helps our Smart Leaders to be ready to  rock and role whatever this world throws at them.

Light at the end of the tunnel

Give your Leaders the control they need. Invest in a new set of Leadership Tools that will help them and your business survive and thrive though these uncertain times and into the long term.

Marathon Leadership – because ‘It ain’t over till it’s over!’

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