The Commute is driving Anxiety

The thought of the commute is driving anxiety. I can understand why the Government want to get people who are currently working at home to commute back to the City Offices. They want to get the economy moving – but backward thinking isn’t going to work….

Many people have had a taste of what it’s like to ditch that awful commute. That 9 to 5, Monday to Friday fix.

Up until 23rd March you Brain told you the commute was safe. Convincing that brain that’s kept you safe since birth that public transport is safe enough right now, is a tough call.

The Commute remains a source of anxiety and increased adoption of flexible working is in demand from Employees.

Meanwhile, local village shops are thriving for a change.  They have pivoted to offer a much more personal service to the communities they operate in.  This is something that the City cannot offer. Farmers have pivoted to online to offer gorgeous locally grown produce delivered to your door with less carbon footprint.

Local pubs & restaurants that turned themselves into local takeaways have been doing rather well. Now they’re opening up their beer gardens for the summer. We’ve even got Drive in Movies!

Trying to turn back time won’t work. Leaders took a leap of faith in their people and saw the light. Productivity went up. Well being improved. Parents spent time with their kids rather than doing the Commute. Communities have come together. Mindsets have shifted. The world has moved on.

What will your new workforce model look like?

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