What we can learn from Elton?

What can we learn from Elton?

Well, back in the 1920’s, an Australian guy called Elton Mayo, ran experiments aimed at improving productivity. However, he also found out something much more useful to modern Leaders.  Read on!

Elton ran pilots to test how changing working conditions like lighting, break times & the length of the working day would improve productivity. Unremarkably, each change he tested led to an change in performance.

But it’s what he concluded as an aside that’s a more interesting lesson for us today. He recognised that the upswings in productivity weren’t due to physical transformation – they were the result of his Researchers paying attention to the employees. They felt valued!

He concluded that some employees are more motivated by personal attention & being part of a group than by money or working conditions.

Now this could be why a coaching style of leadership works well with some folk. Problem is it’s underused – it takes more time and effort than other leadership styles. The other problem is that some employees don’t warm to the coaching style – they want something different.

That’s why our smart leadership development programme focuses your attention on what will motivate each particular person.

Once you have the recipe for smart leadership you become forever employable.  Want to know more?